Aqua 40.00 vario head space moduleAqua 40.00 vario head space module

Aqua 40.00 Headspace Module

ECH Scientific product

Aqua 40.00 Headspace Module.



The combination of the Karl-Fischer-Titrator AQUA 40.00 and the headspace technique offers a wide range of interesting applications to determine moisture in solid and pasty samples, oils and viscous compounds.

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Features & Benefits

  • Reduced reagent consumption
  • Gas drying is not required due to closed-loop carrier gas circulation
  • Isothermal or temperature-programmed heating procedure
  • Frequent system check with standards before, during and after measurement series
  • Short measuring times of complex samples as well
  • Stand-by titration for automated conditioning and easy blank tests
  • Software with user-specific access, routine methods for individual and definable user levels, profound documentation and archiving of all measured data
  • Software complies with requirements of FDA to 21 CFR Part 11
  • Customer-specific vials can be used (0.5 – 100 mL capacity)